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Città Alveare is a panfandom role playing environment set in a large city that cannot be found on a map. Citizens who are brought here will soon discover that they are to partake in a social experiment designed by a group of unknown scientists. Labeled as mere lab rats, these subjects are expected to participate in strange experiments so that they may be studied and influenced.

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In honor of the holiday, we’ll be extending meme Sunday until three am EST tonight. Enjoy!

-the mods

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if the child that came out of the egg has powers, are we allowed to rp them using those powers or is that a no-no?

Hello there!

Yes, you may utilize their powers.

However …

The flat usage is as follows: they are all reduced by a fraction of their original potency, and can be used a total of two times per day for the time being.

(Check back here to see if this is edited in any way.)

— mod oo1

I have a question regarding the event. Does the child -have- to be genetically related, because I had a character in mind but he's not blood related, but rather they have a very strong brother-like bond. (Sabo if you need me to me clear)

The character does not have to be blood-related, so long as there is a definitive bond between the original muse and the infant character.

This is not limited to your series either, thankfully. So long as you and the mun (if applicable) have an understanding.

— mod oo1

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From Anonymous:
hey there mods! i was wondering if we had our muses switch babies with another member, would it be okay for the respective mun to rp as that baby in a thread?

That would be OK, so long as you have spoken of it with the corresponding mun. However, remember that your character is responsible for your infant, therefore you will probably need to interact as the infant a handful of times before transferring over to another.

— mod oo1

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From Anonymous:
do the babies have to be infants or can we also have our muses take care of a child?

The age limit is from, at a minimum, a newborn to the maximum of three years, currently.

— mod oo1

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[mini event] Nativity.
na·tiv·i·ty  (nə-tĭv′ĭ-tē, nā-)
n. pl. na·tiv·i·ties
1. Birth, especially the place, conditions, or circumstances of being born.
2. Nativity
3.  a horoscope at or of the time of one’s birth
4.  the place of origin

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From gunpatch:
Heya, here's the blog for Badou Nails from DOGS, application is linked in the sidebar.

Welcome Badou, your housing is currently under apartment N-4.

Your weapon of choice is a BB Gun.

Enjoy your stay!

— mod oo1

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From ectobreth:
Introducing the master of breath himself, John Egbert!

Welcome John, your housing is currently under apartment N-4.

Your weapon of choice is a little tykes’ discover sounds hammer (so adorable!).

Your retained ability to utilize flight can be used for thirty minutes per day.

Enjoy your stay!

— mod oo1

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Hello! I'm hoping to reserve a character for this group! C: My OOC Url is LaytonYouMeanie, not this current URL. My character I would like to reserve is Clyde Donovan from the series South Park and today is 4/19, thank you!

What’s that stench?

The stench of success.


— mod oo1

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howdy. can i reserve holden caulfield from the catcher in the rye please? today is 4/19 and this is my personal tumblr



— mod oo1

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